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My name is Ile. First of all I want to mention that English is not my first language so I must apologize for all the grammatical, spelling and other types of errors in my writing.

I have graduated in Music Academy of Skopje on the field of Music Theory and Pedagogy. I was a Solfege teacher in musical school “Ilija Nikolovski – Luj” for 2 years and now I’m a full time composer and music producer. I’ve entered the world of Astrology in 2010 [I mean, I was interested in Astrology even prior that year, but my official passion for  studying it began in 2010] when the Zodiacal Releasing of Spirit came in 10th sign from Fortune. Of course, back then I didn’t knew about this because I was into “Modern Astrology” and I thought it was a result of Uranus transiting my 9th house 🙂

My world of Astrology is oriented toward the so called “Traditional Astrology” which is a name holding in it very large  period of time, much of it is greatly reviving today and of which new translations are everyday made .

I’m not in particularly oriented toward Hellenistic, Medieval or late Renaissance astrology. I rather draw from all the sources in order to find the method which will work in practice  more consistently.

In other words, I want to experiment all the methods which are revived and which are still reviving today.
I’m opening this blog as a place for exercise, reading and discussion on the topics of the old masters (and the 20th-21st century heroes who help in reviving: Robert Zoller, Steven Birchfield, Robert Schmidt, Robert Hand, Deborah Houlding, Benjamine Dykes, to name a few..).

I hope you (the visiter of the blog) can find the enterprise and joy in learning this Heavenly Science as much as I’ve found in it the joyous moments in my life.

P.S. Because of my special affinity toward Vettius Valens, I’ve opened yahoo group for discussion of his techniques. If you share the same affinity toward this astrologer feel free to join:

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m surprised you have not mentioned John Frawley who is a master astrologer and follow of “The Way.” His books on Real Astrology are the best books on astrology today. Great site by the way.
    Blessings Steve

    1. Hi Steve!
      I agree. John Frawley has great influence on the reviving of traditional astrology in these times. I have mentioned only those that have influenced me so far. I’ve not been able to study Frawley’s works closely, but I plan to do that in near future.

      Thank you for taking time to explore my blog and make a comment.


  2. You have given very good historical details in this site on how Vedic astrology or Hindus astrology took it up by Persians and how it spread beyond.
    Saying your astrology as traditional,why you could not give those ancient details from Vedic astrology books which are preserved so much exactly besides most antiquated,unchanged sources.
    Vedic astrology is preserved exactly as in ancient times as it is considered the eye of the Vedas and thus divine!
    I request you to delve into those Vedic texts( most of them now available in other language translations.) which will so much astonish you on astrology and it accuracy.
    Vedic time concepts and astrology are so much ancient and also most advanced!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comments. If I have the time, I would really like to get my self acquainted with the Vedic astrology traditional sources. The thing is that very little of what is today called “Vedic Astrology”, and practiced by many astrologers who bear the name “Vedic Astrologer”, is actually authentic Vedic astrology. At least, this is what I was told by some people who are serious in getting into it. Arabian authors, living near the Sind (which was culturally connected to Hindustan), were quite well familiarized with the Hindu Astrology concepts. Abu Ma’shar even quotes Varahamihira in his explanation of the decanic images, and we know that Varahamihira is quoting some Greek astrology sources. So, these astrologies were interconnected in many ways, although, I think that a clear distinction of what is Hindu and what is “Western” astrology, clearly begins to exist, especially after the 9-10th century; Ibn Ezra is clearly making a distinction of what “Hindu astrologers” use, and what is the “Western” tradition.

    1. Hello and thanks!
      I wrote two posts on Valens’ approach on medical astrological delineation while ago. If you go into the section called “Hellenistic Astrology” and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see that the two last (or first) posts, are dedicated to medical astrology. I hope too, that I will get more into medical astrology in the future. It is quite interesting to approach medical astrology, not from a medieval and Renaissance astrology perspective only, but from a Hellenistic too. Valens’ approach is particularly interesting and unique.

  3. Merci pour ce Blog et merci encore d’avoir partagé vos notions du système de Valens qui est d’ailleurs assez compliqué. Il n’est pas nuisible de connaître le système de Frawley ou « the Vedic Astrology » pourtant si vous maîtrisiez en perfection les techniques de Valens vous êtes bien équipé pour parcourir ce qu’on appelle «The Way ».
    Thank you for this Blog and thank you again to share your knowledge on Valens’ system which is rather complicated. It would not be harmful to acquaint oneself with the system of Frawley (and with himself := with pleasure, of course) or with Vedic Astrology but if you perfectly master the Valens’ techniques than you are good outfitted to go on “The Way”.

  4. Hi Ile
    Thanks for the interesting blog, especially since you write about complex thing in foreign language (so do I )
    I think we should not compare approaches of Frawley and Valens, because they are quite different systems.
    Frawley is the follower of Lilly (English branch of streamlined Astroligy) but Valens is the representative of the more ancient Hellenistic direction.
    I applaud your desire to delve into the ancient methods of astrology in order to find the roots and the spirit of astrology, while Frawley ‘s system had lost many important components.

  5. Hi Ile – from the astrologyproject.com – Australia.
    Simply wanted to express appreciation for your fine efforts in pursuit of astrology’s heritage and spirit.
    I really enjoy your blend of open mindedness and intelligent regard for the Art.
    Thanks – and all the best

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