Happy New Year to all! I hope you have had very fun evening [or you will have, it is about 4AM at my country]. I had fun evening indeed, an evening that finished with a very interesting esoteric discussion where at a dinner party at my friends, I was introduced as an astrologer to some people [friends of my friends] who then become interested to know more about astrology, and what is the difference between the astrology they know of from papers and different internet pages, and what I was referring to as ‘traditional’ astrology. The easiest way I was trying to explain them the difference is ‘the traditional is more concrete, it speaks about life events and not psychology of a person only [even though it can say a lot of about this too, probably more then many modern schools]. My friends have a video projector so I thought I could use it for demonstrating some astrology to them [they were familiar with the planetary glyphs and the other basic stuff for going along with my explanations]. I opened a chart from astro.com and started the demonstration on my own chart.
I thought I could use the Firdaria [as it is becoming my favorite technique, I think it is on the spot, very workable] and the period at which I am currently in.


Almost 12 years now I have a problem with dry eyes. I can’t stay long enough in front of a PC screen nor read too much any sort of text [be it on a paper or on screen], especially if I do not put eye drops [artificial tears] into my eyes more often. So, when I am forced to sit in front of my PC for too long [when I have projects I must to finish], I get dark circles beneath my eyes. It is interesting that this problem as far as I know is not in my family [I investigated it back to at least 3 generations on both sides].

So I presented to them this problem of mine and now when I opened the chart I tried to show them the astrological factors involved, that are showing the problem in form of a symbolical language.


I am currently under Mercury Firdaria [on a general level]. This Mercury started the rulership in 2002. Now, this is the year when the problem started to develop little by little (chronic problem). If we examine the disposition of Mercury in my natal chart – in order to see what we can expect from its rulership by Firdaria – we can notice that it rules the 12th house of long illnesses [illnesses that last for a long duration of time]. This is one of the significations of the 12th house and the one we are looking for for this explanation of the fact that I have such a one that is persisting for almost 12 years now. If we then examine the position of Mercury, we will notice that it is in another house related to illness, that is, the 6th house. We have now two witnesses that some illness can arise for the time being in which Mercury rules the times. One of the people asked ‘but isn’t this a self-fulfilling prophecy, an autosuggestion by your side and you studying these things?’ ‘No, it is not’, I replied, ‘I didn’t begin to study astrology till 2008th, and the problem began 6 years prior.’  Other person from the group asked me how do I know what kind of illness there could be for the native given the predisposition of this planet. I replied that beforehand we can guess that the illness could be related to a dryness because Mercury is in a dry sign [Capricorn]. The thing that the problems with the eyes may arise is given, in my opinion, through the position of Mercury on the longitudinal position [projection] of the fixed star Facies around 8°Capricorn. This star is at the gaze of the Archer:

Taken from http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Facies.html

Some [like Robson] say that this star has bad influence on the eyes. Now, my vision is very good, but the problem with the dry eyes, is still, an eye problem. I think I have read at the ancient writers too, that this star has something to do with the eyes, but in this moment I don’t have any reference in front of me.

It was quite interesting how astrology can intrigue people. For us who are practicing it on a daily level, it seems a second nature, but to people who are living their life with what is visible, what is tangible, speaking about some metaphysical truths that correlate to our lives, using mystical, mystery language, it can be quite surprising and thought provoking. Such was this interesting post New Years’ celebration.

Then I explained to them that things in life never (or rarely) are only black and white. It is the same thing with the symbolical language. It is not that I’ve got only bad things in this 12 year period. Mercury also rules the 3rd. The 3rd symbolizes ‘intelligence’, ‘knowledge’, ‘expertness in religion law’ (Al-Biruni). I read a lot, my library became so vast that people when they come to my place often time ask me ‘have you read all these books?’, my reply is ‘you haven’t yet seen my PDF library’ [laugh]. Did I become and expert in religious law?’ Well, I kind of did become. For many years I was in Orthodox Christianity and studied almost all the official books they study on the Theological Faculty. I hang out with many priests and went on different religious conferences. Notice also that Mercury is in conjunction with L9 Jupiter. I finished the Musical Faculty with very good grades and became passionate about musical harmony and orchestration. I studied a lot on these subjects. So, even though I’ve had this problem with the eyes on one side, I did have some benefits from studies, self-development, and involvement with different religious groups. Not to mention that this Mercury [as I’ve explained here] symbolizes my involvement with astrology!

We arranged another meeting in the following days with these people, as they were very curious to learn more about astrology. I plan to make a presentation on the subject of traditional astrology for them, and show them many other exciting things I’ve found in my own research and practice of the subject.

Have a great holidays and don’t forget to have Fun!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Ile, and Happy New Year to you too!
    I just want to thank you so much for sharing your astrological explorations. I enjoy your posts very much as you have such interesting examples to show how different techniques work. I hope you can continue this blog of yours for a long time – but do take care with your eyes!
    Best wishes,

  2. Ile nadovezao bih se malo na tvoje izlaganje. Oči znamo da su dodeljeni luminarima, u slučaju tvog natala vladar tripliciteta i Meseca i Sunca, Merkur u VI je kući. Mesec u IV znaku od ASC, u Vagi, ali u terminu Saturna, Sunce u izgonu u VII kući, sami po sebi ukazuju na problem sa očima. Uzimajući i ovo u obzir, vladar firdara dodatno pojašnjava situaciju.

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