Hello dear friends, fellow astrologers and astrology lovers. I have been quiet for a while now, have been dedicated to my music career and made a pause from my obsessional, almost fanatical studies of astrology. This pause was very good for me in terms of having time to reflect upon astrology and my astrology studies in the past. It is sometimes beneficial to make such pauses, I use to make them in music and in astrology as well. These pauses very often give me some objective approach toward the subjects, they make me detached from the fanaticism which I involve in each subject toward which I have affinity for. I have had many ‘a-ha moments’, realizations of the type what is astrology, what is its purpose and what we can do with it. I will not speak about these realizations in this post now. I just want to give you some examples on the beautiful workability of the timing technique called Firdaria. Even though I have been quiet in my studies and writing on this blog, I never stopped to ‘check’ the charts of the people with which I came in contact for the past couple of months. I want to share with you this very interesting example of how the Cosmos works not only in our personal life, but in the connection of two universes, i.e. persons. In one of the examples Valens gives in his Anthology, he was amazed by this cosmical hierarchy of the events too; in the place where he speaks of the two brothers and how their charts unfolded in similar manner to happen what is fated, even though both were born in different places and time. I do not have that example right now, but those who have read Anthologies know to which example I am referring to.

OK let’s get to business.

I will present you here two charts of a husband and wife. This is the chart of the husband.


This is the chart of the wife.


You will notice (in the left bottom corner of the charts) that around 2008/2009 in both charts the Lord of the 9th house (spirituality) was taking over to rule the years in the Firdaria (by general rulership). In the first chart we have Sun as L9, positioned in angular 4th house and in exaltation. Around 2008 this man began to be interested in spirituality, went into different spiritual and self-development groups, took services of life changing programs, and soon after he himself became motivational speaker, and wrote several books (on the subject of self-development and positive outlook on life) that became popular in his country. The Sun is conducive to business. It is in very good sign (exaltation), in 4th by division and 5th by counting, it is in eastern quadrant and in 7th from Fortune. It also rules the 11th from Fortune which is the place of acquisitions. It is pretty much good Sun.

In the same time, his wife was about to enter the rulership of Saturn as a general Lord of the Firdaria sequence. Saturn is both L9 and L10 in her chart. She too – like her husband – began to be involved in different self-development groups and life-changing programs. Their life took on a very positive change. Their family became more in harmony and peace. If you compare the both charts, you will notice that the 9th house of the husband (Leo) falls in her 4th house, which can be interpreted as ‘the spirituality of her husband made for a peaceful, balanced home and family environment”. She herself became interested in meditation, Buddhism and different New Age spiritual practices.Traditionally this can be interpreted through the 3rd house and Moon as L3 and Lord of Fortune in 1st house (remember, in 2008 she was still in Moon’s general lordship of Firdaria). Indian astrologers would interpret this through Saturn as L9 in 12th (the ascetic practices). Either way, the Firdaria sequence that is in harmony in the two charts is quite astonishing. At the moment she is interested in making the spirituality her profession (by giving spiritual services). This is interesting because Saturn is both L9 and L10 (spirituality and career) and by dodecatemoria falls right on MC. It is noteworthy that Saturn is in conjunction with L1 Venus: she will find her primary motivation (fulfillment, happiness) through spirituality as career. Now, I really don’t want to enter into interpretation of how smoothly or not smoothly this would go (because of the involvement of the 12th cadent house).

Now, another interesting thing is that at the time she and her husband began to investigate spirituality, his L9 began to rule the times through Firdaria, but she was still one year away from Saturn beginning her sequence. She was in Moon/Mercury sequence (at the end of Moon’s general lordship). If you look at the top of the picture, you will find the calculation algorithm of Part of Faith & Religion. It is calculated by these two planets: Moon and Mercury. It falls in Pisces in conjunction with Mercury and Mercury – after all – naturally rules the faith.

I am sure there can be find many more connections. But let these be enough for the curious mind and the astrology wonderer to bow to this cosmical science.

Take good care and enjoy life!

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Workability of The Firdaria (Example)

  1. Hi Ile
    I am in Jupiter/jupiter firdaria since january.It rules 7th and 10th places(marriage and work). Butin Placidus pisces is also 11th cusp. My Jupiter is at MC without close aspects,The MC falls in 9th, What do you make of this. Work or marriage abroad?Do you prefer ws houses?

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