born like this
into this
as the chalk faces smile
as Mrs. Death laughs
as the elevators break
as political landscapes dissolve
as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
as the oily fish spit out their oily prey
as the sun is masked
we are
born like this
into this
[Bukowski: Born Into This]

It is always a pleasure to speak, write or communicate in any sort of exchange of words about this old charismatic man and great literary genius. Those who know about Bukowski, who have read his poems, watched his videos, or listened to his poems, novels, or talks, know that Bukowski was kind of underground poet who depicted the core of the modern society with a hard realistic tone, oftentimes without choosing the words he would use to depict certain states in the individuals or the society as a whole.


His chart is rated as AA on astro databank. I do not aim to give detailed delineation on his chart here because of a two facts. First, I am still getting familiarized my self with his life, work, and thus, with his chart. Second, as many of you know, my blog here is a place where I often times write incidentally, and almost always excitingly, that is, whenever I find my self amused by yet another truth in this ancient art. It is in my nature to share my excitements with other people, this is the main reason why I write on this blog.

Bukowski’s chart has Taurus rising and Venus in 5th house both by division and counting. Perfect! The planet of the artisans, in its natural joy (5th house) where all its creativity can be expressed freely, naturally. Perfect for an artisan, perfect for a poet. But is it all that perfect?
Venus is in her descension, applying toward kind of nasty contrary to the sect in favor and peregrine Saturn [without reception]. Actually, Venus pushes her own power [triplicity, term, decan], but still, this is Venus in her own descension.

The problem is that Venus and Saturn are kind of enemies, they do not like each other:

But the friends of Saturn are Jupiter, the Sun and Moon; and his enemies [are] Mars and Venus, and she hates him more. [al-Qabīsī, Introductions to Traditional Astrology, translated and edited by Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD, p.205]

Venus hates Saturn because Venus wants pleasures and Saturn denies them. Venus hates discipline [as Bukowski did] and Saturn wants to control.  They hate each other, and Bukowski was ‘born into this’, born into the struggle between living the pleasures, dedicating to the creative side of life, hating the procedures from one side; and from the other side, the fact that he must live in a society made and governed by laws, with people with fake habits and unreal, those who wear masks to conform to the society [Saturn]. It is a conflict that it is often visible in his writings and behavior. It is worthy of note that Bukowski didn’t have sexual experience till he was 24 year old. Saturn in 5th denies pleasures, especially when he is such a dark one in a night chart and peregrine, occidental. Even when he did have his first sexual experience, it was not a beautiful experience according to his words, it was with an older ‘and ugly’ woman [Saturn].

If benefics hold the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune [and are to be found in 5th Place], the native will be great, will lead the masses, and  will make laws for them. [Valens p.29]

Bukowski didn’t lead the masses like Napoleon or Hitler, but he really had many followers and admirers, and he ‘did make laws for them’ because many looked at his way of life [non interested, against the laws or ‘must do’, ‘must follow’ behavior] as avant-garde and kind of life that a modern person should live [I don’t speak about his drinking problems, but about his attitude toward the social norms]. I would say he preached braking the laws. In a matter of fact, he didn’t preach anything, as he often times said, but the audience was taking him as someone who is an icon of some kind of ideal freedom from the laws of the society, the mask of false behavior and conformity.

Valens continues:

Venus will be especially gracious if it rules the Ascendant or the Lot. Especially if Venus is in its proper face or in its own place, it makes men wealthy and honored. The same is true for all the stars: if they govern the Ascendant or the Lot, they produce the good that is appropriate to their nature and to Good Fortune [i.e. 5th Place]. [ibid.]

It is important to note the above ‘appropriate to their nature’. The nature of Venus is not war, it is pleasure and art. This is how this kind of men will ‘lead the masses’. If this planet was Mars we could announce a Napoleon kind of leadership, or if Mercury, someone who is great orator and speak to the masses directly with good oratory skills. Bukowski was not that kind of fellow. He just lived his life, wrote his poetry, drunk his beer and was telling his life stories. He was a Venusian type of ‘leader of the masses’. I think that with the power of the media in our modern society, this ‘leader of the masses’ can really take many figurative shapes. Things are getting complicated nowadays, the roles in the society are not so clear as they were in earlier times. This is why I do think that in a figurative way ‘leader of the masses’ can be ascribed to a person like Bukowski, even though I am aware of the fact that someone would take those words of Valens literally and would disagree with me on this.

Al-Andarzaghar tells us that the second triplicity of the 5th house rules the pleasures. This is how the role of Venus is particularly stressed here, because she is the second lord of the triplicity of Virgo. His Venus is all into the pleasures [drinking, sex, gambling, etc]. The fact that she is in her descension, tells us something about his hard times handling them well [the pleasures], that is, bringing them into excess. This is how strong Venus [in sect, occidental relative to the Sun, succedent] would act when weak essentially.

Let’s now check the ruler of the Fortune [note that Valens takes the Ascendant and Fortune as an equals to assign the general considerations of native’s life in means of livelihood and profession].

Mars rules the Lot of Fortune. Valens:

If malefics are in this Place [7th] and rule the Lot [of Fortune] or the Ascendant and are in their proper faces, the native’s life will be subject to ups and downs, especially in old age, but he will not be in poverty. He will spend the income derived from calumny and wickedness/vituperation[p.29] {Schmidt has kind of more concrete translation of the last clause then Riley: “for he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words.”}

Now, Mars is indeed in its proper face. One of the definitions of proper face [if this is what Valens is referring to] is that a planet needs to be as many signs distant from the Sun [or Moon] as its sign is from Sun’s sign Leo. We have here Sun in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, which fulfills the requirement of the definition. Mars is also of the sect in favor. So in his old age [7th house signifies old age] he will be a subject of ups and downs [he was] but will not live in poverty [he didn’t].

“For he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words,” kind of described an old drunk poet who talks dirty words on TV, doesn’t it? 🙂

It is amazing how on the spot these descriptions of Ascendant and Fortune rulers Valens gives really are. I am almost always consulting them whenever I look at a chart for the first time. Look both, the Ascendant Lord and the Fortune Lord. There are certain instances in the writings of the Hellenistic astrologers that say that the Fortune chart [chart cast from the Lot of Fortune as Ascendant point] unfolds later in life, like it is a sequenced to the ascendant chart.

P.S. It is worthy of note that Moon as Lord of the Hour is also in the 5th house by counting, thus reinforcing the role of the 5th in his life.

2 thoughts on “Some General Notes on Charles Bukowski’s Chart

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