L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of the very controversial Church of Scientology. The chart is of A rating, but there are certain significations in this chart that point to his role in life.

First, Moon as Lady of the Lot of Fortune is on the cusp of the 9th. Here it is what Valens has to say for this:

“If benefics happen to be in this Place [9th] and have been assigned the Ascendant or Fortune, the native will be blessed, reverent, a prophet of the great god; in fact he will be obeyed like a god” [p.28]

“In fact, he will be obeyed like a god”. If you know some scientologist (I knew several in my life) you will notice that they revere Hubbard as some heavenly creature who came in this world to save the people from suffering. Their reverence is very similar to that of the prophets of the other religions.

Fortune is in 8th and Moon rules the 8th. He for sure knew how to take other people’s money for religious purposes.

In May 1950 he wrote his revolutionary work (for the scientologists) “Dianetics: The Science of Modern Mental Health”. It is really interesting because in March 1950 Sun – the Lord of 9th house by counting – took the lordship over the Firdar on first level. Sun is with Mercury – the ruler of 9th by division.
Sun and Mercury are in the 3rd by division [has to do with writing, publishing and religion, on account of being opposite to the 9th].

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