After I wrote the example on travel and living abroad last night, this morning I decided to check the chart of yet another person I know who traveled and lived abroad for many years. You will notice that there are certain repetition of the factors but also there are some new factors involved. Every chart is different, the point is to collect as many testimonies as you can get to announce prediction. This is what I do when I do predictions for my clients: I collect as many testimonies as I can get toward single subject, and then if it looks likely, I pronounce that the native will do this or that or will experience such and such thing in the time to come. Imagine that there are 20 different factors for travel and living abroad existing out there. You will not find all 20 involved in one chart, nor will they repeat in all other charts. If 10 factors are involved in one chart, in other chart you may find that the other 10 are involved. There are certain repetitions that in almost every chart give pointers toward same indication. I will try to show that here in this post and will note down where the repetitions appear.


This is a chart of a person who in his early 20’s went to live abroad and took new career there. As always, we will now first analyze the birth chart to see the promised.

First indication I found is Mars [natural ruler of travel] in 10th and ruling the 12th, which may indicate work related to living abroad.

Second indication is Lot of Fortune in 9th house by counting. Abū Ali:

“If it [Lot of Fortune] were in the 9th, it is auspicious to undertake long journeys, to do business in foreign lands…” [Persian Nativities I, On the Judgments of Nativities, p.328, trans. by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Lot of Living Abroad falls in 18° 04′ 24″ Taurus. It’s lord Venus is applying square toward it from the 3rd house by counting and 2nd by division, in the same time in partile opposition to the Lot of Fortune in 9th sign and being dispositor of Mars in 10th and MC [it is interesting to note the play, Venus separates from LOF in 9th by counting, applies toward Lot of Living Abroad, and then moving on to trine Mars in 10th]. This is important because when we seek for the professional significator, we look among other things [in night charts] which planet most closely aspects the LOF. The man is musician. So it is obvious that this man may take his career abroad [after examining all these factors].


“Therefore the Moon [applying to or] regarded by Mars [by a tetragon or opposition], [or in a domicile of Mars,] on the third day of the nativity, especially [with Mars] in a pivot, establishes travel.” [Persian Nativities I, The Book of Aristotle, p.159, translated by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Let us again check the third day of the Moon [3rd day of the Moon is a chart cast for the 3rd day after the birth with exact hour of birth. For example, if someone is born on 7th of March in 06:30AM. The chart cast for the 3rd day would be that of 9th of March, 06:30 AM].


In this chart for the 3rd day of the Moon we see Moon applying trine to Mars from the 7th angle of travel. It is not clear by what Māshā’allāh says in the quote above whether the application too needs to be through square and opposition or the regarding only. However, it is noteworthy that Moon from the angle related to travel applies toward Mars as L12.  It is yet interesting to note that Moon separates from Venus and applies to Mars and there is what would modern astrologers call ‘Grand Trine’ between these 3 planets. Grand Trine doesn’t has any mystical or mysterious interpretation in traditional astrology, it only shows that Moon translates Venus’ light to Mars and all these 3 planets have testimony for travel and living abroad in this chart (Venus through lordship of Lot of Living Abroad) for professional reasons.

If we seek for connection between these planets that has testimonies for travel and living abroad, and the Lord of the Ascendant, we will find it in the square [application] between Mars and Jupiter.


The Firdar sequence is Jupiter/Sun. We see that Sun is L9 in 3rd by counting and Jupiter is L1.
We have repetition as in the previous example, where the native traveled for living abroad when Mars as L9 distributed the firdar of Moon. So whenever the Lord of the 9th takes to distribute someone else’s firdar [always notice these sub-lords because they rule smaller units of time] there may be travel.


The annual profections of the ascendant came in the 12th sign Scorpio in the year when he traveled abroad. Mars becomes Lord of the Year. Now Mars is in aversion toward this sign and some would say that he is not able to be LOY, but I think that even this aversion may be one of the indications for travel and going abroad. In the SR as we will see later, we have the Moon in this sign [again indication of travel, and repetition of the factors Moon/Mars]. The mere thing that the profections came to the 12th sign is yet another indication of going abroad.

Solar Return


Leo, the sign of the natal 9th house rises in the east [hitting exactly natal Lot of Fortune]. This is almost a sure indicator when looking at someone’s chart [not in hindsight] that the native may travel in this year. We see the 12th sign accentuated by annual profections falling in the 4th of the Return chart with Moon in it [opposing natal Lot of Living Abroad and] ruling SR 12th. Whenever you find such connections between 4th and 12th [as in the previous chart where L4 was in 12th] you may announce that the native will leave his homeland. Notice that while 12th sign is the sign of the annual profections, LOY Mars is ruling the IC/4th.

Furthermore, we see that the Sun Lord of SR Asc and distributor of the Firdar of Jupiter, just ingressed the 7th sign of the SR [again travel]. Even in the SR chart, Sun has testimony of rulership of the exaltation of the 9th.

The Lord of this SR 9th – Mars – is transiting natal ascendant translating the light of natal Mars in 10th (ruling the 12th) toward Saturn in 3rd house and 4th by counting [ruling the 3rd and disposing Sun, Mercury and Venus].

Natal MC falls in Solar 3rd and natal Lot of Living Abroad in Solar 10th is yet another indication for career related to travel.

As a final remarks I want to point out to further aphorisms related to travel in this chart:

“The traversal of Saturn in a peregrine sign under a nocturnal birth in the pivot of the earth [the sign of Pisces is the pivot of the earth in his chart] or in the seventh, while the fortunate ones do not regard him, orders travel…which if the regard of the benevolents is not absent, it brings him back to his own houses and family [which did after many years spent abroad].” [ibid. p.161]

“In fact the Lord of Mars’ domicile placed in a peregrine sign, [placed well under the regard of benevolents, free of scorching, and the sign which he is holding onto being of a human form, they wholly accomplish travel, [and] on top of that they even bless with honor and gather together many resources; in fact he will rejoice in the common-company of kings and glory and fame.” [ibid. p.159-160] {Mars is natural significator of travel, he is in human sign Libra and Venus is peregrine in human sign Aquarius. The native really achieved success when he was abroad}.

They carefully examine the matter of travel abroad from the lights
in relation to the position of the pivots, of both of them but
especially of the Moon. For when they have set or have declined
from the pivots, it causes travel abroad…And if the Lot
of Fortune should fall out in the zōidia that cause being away from
home, it makes the entire lives and the dwellings of the natives to
be in foreign lands. [Hephaistio II.24, translated by Robert Schmidt]

Again, consider the trigon lords of the light of the sect; if they
should be in proper places, they do not cause travel abroad; but in
places alien to them, they do. [Ibid.] {Moon is sect light and trigon lords are Moon itself, Venus and Mars. Moon is in exaltation but in 6th, Venus is peregrine, and Mars in detriment}

4 thoughts on “Example on Travel and Living Abroad 2

  1. Hi Ile
    Interesting posts as this is my favourite topic.
    This person travelled extensively and tried to live abroad for cultural reasons and love matters as he was dissatisfied with things back home. However he never managed to settle for more than a year in any one place.How do you explain that and whsat are the chances of ever settle?He lived abroad 4 months in 1987,one year from 1989 to 1990 ,1997-1998 and only two months in the summer of 2012. His major pl,easure trip was in late 1996 to april 1997 to Austrália, courtesy of na inheritance. I understand he is now in Júpiter firdaria since January.
    born: 9 january 1962 at 2.15 pm in Lisbon,Portugal
    I`m not sure about 3rd day of Moon and Part of travel. If I didnt get it wrong p of travel is in Taurus in 12th.

    Warm regards

  2. Yep it is Taurus and lord Venus is conj Mars in 8th (WSH) and 9th and 8th by division.Fortune in 2nd but lord in 9th from 2nd and 10th from natal

  3. You see in this man’s chart everything revolves around the 9th house, either by division or by counting. The Lord of the Ascendant – Mercury – is in 9th both by counting and by division, and here it is the MC [often times associated with relating the occupations with travel or living abroad]. Mercury applies toward Jupiter who is L7 [another place related to travel] and in the 9th house by counting.
    You see, from 1987 till 1990 he was here and there traveling as you say. Mercury rules the firdar on first level, as Lord of 1st house he is in 9th and as inferior planet he shows swift travels and travels short in duration. The second time, Sun was distributing Mercury’s firdar [1989-1990] and Sun is in 9th by division. It is clear that he will travel in this period.

  4. And Júpiter firdar is probably even better for settling abroad Itake it? Since it rules MC 10th and 11th by division,apart from 7th,I wonder if it will involve a move with friends for career reasons and marriage.Jupiter is in sect

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