It is interesting to ponder on the concept of ‘change’. After listening to Bernadette Brady’s lecture on chaos theory and when one gets off its head from the deterministic concepts of the Stoics [though these are wrongly understood in general] one realizes that even inside the concept of fate, the pattern, or however you want to call it, change is possible and even this change is shown by the stars. I will give you an example.

As I mentioned many times this year, Lord of the Year in my nativity is Jupiter [I would say with Venus partnering because it is in the sign of the annual profections]. This means that Jupiter will dispose my beingness [esse] in this year, as well it will show outer circumstances and events happening around me, of which of course, I am a part. Now, Jupiter is after all, the greater benefic. Even though weakened in natal and in solar by accidental and essential circumstances of the charts, it is in the 11th house of the good spirit in the Solar Return. Now, through transit currently Jupiter transits my ascending sign Cancer, which is the place of its exaltation.

I do feel change growing on inside me: I start to think more positively about life, I was able to recognize many of my unconscious patterns that earlier governed my life in a compulsive way, and I feel urge to grow and work on bettering my life. Jupiter is really a liberator in this regard. It transits me (ascendant), my beingness, my psychology, my body, etc. I really have spent all these months working on my self with considerable amount of progress which is shown on the outer shell of me.

These are the times in which change is really possible. I know that last year, no matter how hard I worked on my self, Mars and Saturn were ruling the times, and I was surrounded by circumstances in which was very hard for me to practice self-development. I didn’t have so many insights as I have in this year, and my mind was not so sober as well. Planets seems to really dispose our essence, our beingness, especially those that in that particular time dispose the years of our lives. This can be really experienced only through constant thinking and realizations on the matter, this can’t be read and understood from the  books.

Now, another subject of pondering on my side is the subject of the cycles of which the earliest astrological authors spoke. When I now compare these two years (2012 and 2013) with the years 2000 and 2001, I notice the same patterns emerging, and guess what, this is shown by the profections going around through the 12 signs and getting back to the starting point (a cycle). Year 2000 was really bad year for me, but in 2001 I started a new cycle that brought me on a new path on self-discovery and this resulted with some new circumstances around me. You will notice that these 12 years cycles also correspond with Jupiter. In my case, they start when Jupiter comes to the ascendant.

We should really try to use these beginnings and grab the change that is emerging from the ‘chaos’, or from the ‘order’ [you choose].

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