Why it is important to quote from the ancient masters of this art?

There are many reasons why we should quote them in our articles, delineations, conversations on the subject, etc. First of all, quoting them shows that we are still in the process of learning and that we are not ‘already there’, as many assume that are. Even though they call themselves ‘traditional astrologers’, they think that they are above everything theorized or practiced by the ancient astrologers, so they don’t find it necessary to read, investigate or put in use those principles that once were applied by these astrologers. For them quoting is a sign of weakness, of fear that you are hiding your self behind the words of some authority. This may be the case, I agree, but one can’t assume that always is the case. I am amazed by how people jump into conclusions very rapidly, from one to the another diametrically opposed.

Quoting is necessary for the true lovers of traditional astrology. We do not practice traditional astrology because it is fancy, because it gives us ‘mysterious’ title as traditional astrologer, or I don’t know what other kind of nominal advancement. The true lovers of traditional astrology love traditional astrology from every aspect: cultural, historical and astrological as well. Now, if you love traditional astrology, and you want to revive this ancient practice, how in havens name will you do that if you do not refer to the words of these astrologers? What will be the reference on your path, that you are doing well with the reviving or restoring of this practice? Quoting is just that, you refer to their words and you testify that you are on the right track, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are afraid to be yourself. Those who study ancient philosophy, who study Plato and Aristotle, also have the habit to quote, this is their anchor point that they are on the right track and going into right direction to understand those philosophers. We do the same. ‘To understand’ is the motivation, not some unconscious fear or neurotic trend to yield to authorities.

So, do not be afraid to quote just because some people are sarcastic and mocks you about it. Congratulate them instead, for their achievement of being ‘already there’ and ‘knowing everything possible on astrology’.

One thought on “Why Do We (traditional astrologers) Quote Often?

  1. I´m so glad I found your blog! I am too a traditional astrologer and english is not my first language. it has been a delight to follow your impressions. Thanks and I hope the forum on Valens is still available 😉

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