This is the chart of a girl whose chart I’ve read in several occasions in the past. Now she came for an update only asking me about her higher education which she broke few years ago for 2-3 exams only. She wants to finish it as it is great burden to her life.

I just want to present the picture of the heavens in the moment when she came to me. The inner wheel is her chart, on the outer wheel are the transiting planets.

The transiting planets often show the inner, the transited planets/points in the chart show the outer.
Notice where her thoughts are dwelling. The transiting planets, always bring with them their natal determinations. First, we have transiting Moon, natal Lord of 9th transiting the ascendant. She thinks of astrology, of higher education and in fact she is motivated to act (Moon on ascendant) upon her thoughts and visit an astrologer. Mars as Lord of Ascendant comes to the 9th by transit, she comes to an astrologer to ask for her higher education, but also about her career prospect as Mars is transiting the 10th sign. She is also thinking to spend some money on astrology (Jupiter ruling the second in the 9th by transit).
Sun as Lord of 10th just made a return. The returning points of the planets are significant as they do make a re-affirmation of their natal promise, as I said, she asked me about her career. The returning of the planets, do not often bring dramatic events (except Saturn possibly), but will show some event or at least thoughts on the subject. By virtue of ruling the 7th by exaltation, and coming on ascendant aspecting the 7th by opposition, she also had thoughts about her partner and asked me for an update on that matter. Saturn as L4 also transits the ascendant, and she told about some problems related to her home and family. In fact, the home is a subject of the whole year since the sign of the 4th house rises in the east of the year, but the transit of Saturn on ascendant reaffirms that subject and her thoughts on the subject at this very moment too.

Transits from a traditional viewpoint are not unimportant, but they are not as important as in modern astrology. They are used in different way and are pedantically put on a lower level on the hierarchy scale of the Time-Lord procedures. They often act as a triggers, or as an inner monologue toward a certain subjects. Although, they can show some non-dramatic events too, or events that are not so life changing as the events shown by the other Time-Lord procedures like Firdaria, Decennials, Directions, etc.

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