Why were the ancient astrologers very protective of the knowledge of this mysterious Art called Astrology? Are we lacking something of this momentum in their art or we evolved so much during past centuries so we think that astrology should be presented to everyone, regarding their intentions for learning astrology? Learning astrology became a hobby, recreation and even money-making business.

I will give you two quotes from two great sages of two great traditions in astrology, and you judge how you will receive these words.

Reading these days the Brihat Jatakam of sage Varaahamihira (6th century AD), I found out that he is often referring to a sage ‘Satyacharya’, so I immediately googled his name and on site astrojyoti found this entry from the beginning of Satyacharya’s book ‘Satya Jataka’:

The great sage Satyacharya taught the principles of astrology to his disciple Manithlha and these principles are contained in this work.

1.Addressing his pupil, Satyacharya said, “Oh my dear disciple! I am going to reveal the principles of Astrology to you. These principles are not known to anybody and are a great secret. By means of these, you can predict the future events accurately”.

2. The science of Astrology is a great secret. It should be guarded with care. It should never be revealed to people who have no faith in God, who are sceptics by nature and to those who do not show reverence to their Guru.

3. This sacred science of Astrology should never be taught to bad people. Nor should it be revealed to too many people and very frequently. It should be taught only to a few chosen disciples who really deserve and have the necessary qualifications. Listen to me with care. Now I shall expound the principles of Astrology according to “Dhruva Matham” i.e. according to the school of Dhruva”.

If we think that this is the case only in the Indian astrological tradition, I will quote you from Vettius Valens, to whom many of us have affinity.

I adjure you, my most precious brother, and you, initiates into this mystic art, by the starry vault of heaven and by the twelve-fold circle, by the sun, the moon , and the five wandering stars by whom all of life is guided, and by Providence itself and Holy Fate, to preserve these matters in secret and not to share them with the vulgar, but only with those worthy of them and able to preserve and requite them as they deserve [p. 77, trans. by Mark Riley]

This knowledge is not a play-toy.

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