One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my intensive examination of time-lord (periods) is that a bad Solar Return can spoil many good configurations set by the more general time-lords.
This is why it is extremely important to examine the year-chart for the particular influence of that year. You know, we humans are accustomed to think yearly, this is why we celebrate the ‘new year’, because our hopes are regenerated, we have new wishes for the following year, new ambitions, and so on. Many people do not look at life in periods, they on the most look at the year as a period of time on which they are concentrated. So, nailing down the prediction into the reading of the yearly influences is very much needed. Because, you may see beautiful Jupiter and Venus ruling the Firdariyyāh, and in a matter of fact, their disposition in the natal chart is not so bad, and out of lack of experience, you would judge excitingly: ‘yeah, you will have good year’, is a certain way for leaning toward error. If these two planets are pretty damaged in the Solar Return, all the good may be twisted, may never appear, or may not last for long. These are 3 out of many more particulars which astrologer should consider in his examination, and can still err. This is why the ancient astrologers were wise men who set many different techniques in order to nail down through deductive reasoning, the probability of the climes and particulars of the time investigated. Error was not so much allowed in those times, especially if you were an astrologer on the court. You would probably stay all night long to figure out in which clime your King is at the moment and what he may expect or not expect. Today the situation is a bit different, our heads are probably in most of the cases safe, but still, good astrologer doesn’t want to err and this is why one need to meditate deeply on the different kind of influences present at a particular unit of time. Those of you who have read Valens know how many different techniques he is using there. This was not only because he loved all those techniques  and want to have fun, but it was necessary for him to investigate more deeply the period set by different planets and their qualities. The same with Abū Ma’shar. All these techniques have their own place and they are all relevant, even though all planets may be activated through this or that rulership or technique, they actually all have different purpose, different agenda, and different amount of power with which they operate in a certain period; some are subordinated to other, and some are leaders of the times.

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