This is the chart for the president Ronald Regan’s assassination attempt back in 1981. I want to quote you a testimony from a person called Thomas Lyons in his book Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic & Spiritual Journey Through A Not Quite Ordinary Life, about a wonderful astrologer (and her astrological skills) who is no longer among us: Barbara Cameron.

Barbara Cameron studied both Western and Hindu astrology, but what is more important, she is Western pioneer of the wonderful Burmese astrology called ‘Mahabote’ or ‘The Little Key’. I have heard wonderful testimonies about this remarkable woman from her student Sandy Crowther – another wonderful astrological soul, who is now teaching the Mahabote astrology through her Mahabote course.

Thomas in his book explains how he was being a witness of the astrological capabilities of Barbara in the following quote [what is important to be noted here is that when the news announced that there was assassination attempt on president Regan, no one in the beginning knew that he was actually shot, in a matter of fact, even Regan himself didn’t know this until later. When he felt deep pain in his chest, he thought that was because of the Secret Service agent leaning upon him to protect him].

So, Barbara rushed immediately to open an event chart and these were her words (as explained by Thomas Lyion):

Getting back to the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981, Barbara calculated a horary chart, as opposed to a natal chart, for the exact time and place of the incident and compared it with the known birth information of President Reagan himself. “Reagan’s been shot,” Barbara told her husband “The horary’ chart indicates violence and internal bleeding for the President, as shown by the conjunction of Mars to the Sun in the eighth house and the opposition from Saturn, but mitigating factors from Venus and Jupiter tell me that he’ll be okay and that he’ll have a rapid recovery.”

This is astrology in action!
There are rumors that through some Vedic astrology calculations, she predicted the year of her death, and prepared her self beforehand for the final hour. An amazing astrologer!

P.S. I don’t know in which house system Barbara calculated the chart. I calculated the chart in Alcabitius system which also gives Sun and Mars in 8th division.

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