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I just read this quote and found it very interesting so I want to add few thoughts in relation to what is said in it:

“There are two kind of effects of dashas – general and specific. The natural qualities of the planets cause general effects, and the specific effects are caused by the position of the planets, etc” [Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, 47:2].

Dasha is the most famous timing system in Hindu astrology. There are more then 30 Dasha systems in Hindu astrology and some say much, much more. In Western traditional astrology (WTA) we also have not one time-lord system. Here are the Firdarias (Firdariyyah), Decennials, Quarters of the Moon (Valens), then the Profections and Zodiacal Releasing from those which move zodiacally, etc.
I think what Parashara is saying here is applicable to the Western methods of timing too. Basically, Parashara is saying that the natural significations of planet would give the general effects of the times, while its disposition in the chart: placement, rulership, aspects, etc., will give the specific effects of the times. This is what is meant by ‘etc’ in the quote above. Let me exemplify this with the chart of Hans Christian Andersen. His father died when he was 11 years old (year 1816). I will use the technique of Firdariyyah as the time-lord technique for the example.
We see that in 1814 Saturn become time lord. What are the natural significations of Saturn? Solitariness, misery, care, guilt, gives good rank also when well disposed, but obstacles in work and business when bad, lawsuits, property, laziness, malignancy, secretiveness, death, etc. In relation to people, in a night chart Saturn represents the father! Now we should examine all the significations of Saturn which would have their general effect in the times when Saturn is time-lord. So, Saturn would have something to say about the father of Hans by the virtue of its natural significations. Now, this is general. The specific effects of this Saturn are related to both MC and 11th house because it is in 11th sign. What is 11th house? Friends, hopes, ambitions, expectations, but also if we turn the chart: father’s death because it is 8th from 4th! So, the specific effects of this Saturn who by virtue of its nature signifies the father, will be that of the things pertaining to father’s death because it is positioned in the 8th from 4th. Saturn also rules 2nd and 3rd, but if we turn the chart that is 11th and 12th of the father which would say will relate with father’s friends, ambitions and chronic illness and hospitalization.
The sub-lord in the Firdaria, is said to distribute the times of the general lord. So in the time of death of his father, we see that Jupiter is distributing the firdar of Saturn. We again look at the natural significations of Jupiter and the specific ones as well. Jupiter’s specific effects are such that he rules the 4th of father, so he is determined to say something about the father. Both planets, the one ruling the father (Jupiter) and the one ruling the father’s death (Saturn by virtue of exaltation in Libra and by virtue of being positioned in 8th from 4th) are ruling the times and hence the death of the father occurred in this period of time.

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