In this post I am going to try to give practical application of the fixed stars.

There is a long lasting debate on how we should use the fixed stars. Are we are going to use them as they are all projected on the ecliptic without taking into account their latitude or we will use them with their “in mundo” positions ?!

A geniture which I want to discuss here is that of Sharon Tate, the famous beautiful and charismatic actress who had a very sad end, being brutally killed by the Charles Mason’s girls back in year 1969. She was only 26 years old.

We will see how fixed stars give further explanations on the nativity and on her destiny.

This is her birth chart:


Astro databank  rates the accuracy of the birth time with highest AA

The first thing we need to stress out is that not all of the fixed stars are on the ecliptic. Actually, only few of them are near to it. Some of the astrologers of the tradition (see for example Cardano’s examples from his earlier years) used the projection of the fixed stars on the ecliptic and delineated them as such. Some argue that this is a silly approach and that we need to take into account their positions in mundo, in respect to let’s say Ascendant and Midheaven (the rectascension of the later for example). Furthermore, the influence or to rather say, importance of the fixed star is accentuated if that star is in its heliacal phases.

I will leave this explanations for some future post, for now I want to point them out just as a key description for our analysis.

If we take for example the position of Moon in Sharon’s chart, we can see that Moon has zodiacal longitude of 12° in Virgo. This corresponds with the projection of the fixed star Coxa from the constellation of Leo onto the ecliptic degree at about 12 Virgo for the year in which Sharon was born. This is a star of a third magnitude positioned in the back of Leo, but if you look at this photo, you will see that Moon is actually in the feet of Leo!


[Don't make wrong conclusions by seeing Neptune there on the ecliptic, I don't know at the moment how to turn the outer planets off the visibility screen ;) ]

The horizontal green line is the ecliptic.

Coxa has latitude of +15° and Moon of +1° 35’. Should we use this as a conjunction? You make the judgment. I will only give the observations Ptolemy made about the stars in Leo:

“Of the stars in Leo, two in the head are like Saturn and partly like Mars. The three in the neck are like Saturn, and in some degree like Mercury. . . . Those in the loins . . . Saturn and Venus: those in the thighs resemble Venus, and, in some degree, Mercury.” It is said that the stars in the neck, back and wing all bring trouble, disgrace and sickness affecting the part of the body ruled by the sign, especially if they happen to be in conjunction with the Moon.

Sure, we can’t base our judgments on one testimony only.

Let us proceed with delineating her chart.

Venus in 8th  by sign and division and in conjunction with the Cauda Draconis, in a day chart, masculine sign, above the horizon and on the west,  is clearly a candidate for being accidental malefic. If we look at her constellational position:


Venus is in the tail of the Capricorn. Cardan says that these stars with Moon brings violent death, and Ptolemy says that they are of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It is clearly not a place for happy dwelling.

Furthermore, Cardano says that those stars in the mouth of  Carpicorn give brilliant  intelligence:

…sunt em minimae & plures, unde locus regius & sunt splendidae & de natura Saturni ac Veneris.

..they are small and great in number, and they are a royal place; in addition, they are splendid and of the nature of Saturn and Venus”..

We can see that Sharon has Sun in the mouth of Capricorn and Mercury on the horns. Ptolemy says that those stars on the horn of Capricorn are of the nature of Venus and partly Mars. We can see her eloquent and pleasant, charismatic speech with this placement of Mercury.

The position of the Sun in the mouth of Capricorn is particularly important because Sun is Light of the Time, that is, the chart is diurnal and Sun has governance of the sect. Sun is naturally “intellectual light” as Valens calls it, so the position of Sun in a day chart, in a constellational place where many small brilliant stars dwell (that alludes to intelligence) is hence accentuated.

Cardano in his chapter on fixed stars makes an interesting comparation. He says that because Sun gives power, and Jupiter wealth, but Mercury intelligence, the stars of the first magnitude are analogous to the Sun (in brightness) and give honor and dignity, but those of the second magnitude (or mediocre in brightness) are analogous to Jupiter and give wealth; but those of smaller magnitude are analogous to Mercury and give intelligence. Such are the stars of the mouth of Capricorn.

If you go and watch some interview from Sharon Tate on You Tube, you will immediately recognize her pleasant talk and smartness. She has very charismatic voice and smart structure of sentences. Of course, this is accentuated through the position of the ruler of Ascendant and Hour, Moon, in the sign of Mercury.

If we go deeply to analysis the position of this Moon, we will notice that she is in term of Venus so we see a connection Moon/Venus here, adding to her charm, charisma and fashion nature.

Moon is in human sign and her dwad also falls in human sign (in 1st degree of Aquarius). We can see here intelligence, speech colored with eloquence, charm and pleasantness.

Furthermore, Moon falls in 3rd by sign and division, and this is her place of joy.

Moon has all these great significations for the beauty of her body and mind (ascendant ruler in human sign is pertaining to physical beauty), but there is one huge sign of alert here: Moon falls in 8th sign from Fortune! Now, this is a pretty nasty combination. I have seen it in many charts of people who suffered violent death by bleeding and attacks. Valens also gives a couple of such examples if my memory serves me well. Moon is natural significator of body, and being in the place of death (8th from Fortune) is quite a problematic testimony. It doesn’t mean that it must pertains to violent death, but in many cases it is so (at least in those I was able to examine).

This chart has further indications for violent death. Having the malefic contrary to the sect in favor – Mars, in the pre-descendant is another indication for violent death (again, according to Valens). So, we now have two testimonies in this direction.

Even more problematic is the stellium of planets in the 8th sign, one of which is Mercury who is also an Anaereta or the killing planet , also a dispositor of the ascendant ruler (Moon), and Sun –  the Light of the Time.

On the ascendant there rises a star by name Pollux. It is a star of the Martian nature, found on the face of the Twins. It is often called a “wicked star” or a “wicked boy”.
I know that we are taking Pollux into consideration with projecting its position onto the ecliptic to coincide with the zodiacal position of the ascendant and this is not with which all would agree. But since we are not judging anything here on one account only, and since some of the older authors used such projections we will just point out this configuration, to call it that way.


The problem with the projections of the stars into the ecliptic is even more accentuated (as a problem) particularly when some star has great latitude, as Pollux with about +6.
The problem is less accentuated with lets say, Southern scales, which are very near the ecliptic. You can notice this visually on the photo I uploaded above with Pollux and Castor far away from the ecliptic (and some software say that Jupiter conjunct Castor in her chart).

Here is a photo of Southern Scales (Zuben Elgenubi) where you can see how near this star is to the ecliptic (with latitude of +0° 19’).


On the photo you can see Spica too. As a comparation, this star has latitude of -2° 03’ and is visually still close the ecliptic. Now go back to Pollux and Castor and see how far away they are from the ecliptic.  Castor has a latitude of +10°!

The Revolution

I will speak in some future time of the Distributions in the series of my writings about delineating the Solar Revolutions in style of Abu Ma’shar, and I was preparing this particular example for that occasion, but I am excited to show this example in the current post too.


Abu Ma’shar advises us to take the distribution and distributor very seriously since distributor is even more important than the Lord of the Year (since the later rules only one year, while distributor rules in greater amount of time).

Distribution of the ascendant in August 1969 (she was killed on  9th of August 1969) came in 13° Leo. Abu Ma’shar advises us to give particular attention to the state of this distributive place in the revolution and the planets casting their rays there. What we can see in this revolution is that Mars is casting square ray inside of 1° of orb into the place of the distributed ascendant. This is an alert for danger since annual profections came in that 8th place from Fortune, that is, Virgo where Moon ruler of ascendant stays, and Mars regards it through square. Furthermore, Mercury who is Lord of the Year[1] is casting oppositional ray to the distributive ascendant, and as we said, Mercury is anaeretical in this chart, having position in the 8th sign of radix and falling in 8th through the solar. We can see that here lies a great danger for the body of the native (distributions of the ascendant pertains, among other things, to the state of the body of the native). Mars falls in 5th of the radix and is pertaining to children. We all know of the sad story that Sharon was pregnant while she was killed.

State of the Distributor (Saturn) in the revolution is bad because it is in its depression in Aries and in the wicked 7th place. Moon just separated from Saturn and is in the sign and bound of Mars, again in the wicked place (7th). Jupiter doesn’t regard Mars, and regards Mercury, but he is also harmed by retrogradation and placement in 12th house by division ruling the 6th. Venus regards Mars, but Mars is in superior position and superior planet, so Venus’ rays are not likely to help here.

It is quite a dangerous year, that’s for sure.

I am sure there can be find much more testimonies, but since this post is of informative nature, and not of a researching one, let what was said be enough to spark someone’s enthusiasm for this Art of the Arts.

1. I am taking the ruler of the sign as Lord of the Year, instead of using the planet in that place as I proposed earlier in my posts, I am finding more validity in taking this planet as Lord. Further investigation on a practical level needs to be made for the usage of the planet in the sign as Lord of the Year1


Gerolamo Cardano – De Iudiciis Geniturarum, De proprietatibus stellarum, Cap. III.

Star charts are made in Starrynight software.

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