Abraham Ibn Ezra on Faith in God

And so, [for] the one who has faith in God with all his heart God will turn things around and change circumstances to save him from every harm [indicated] in his nativity. Therefore, there is no doubt that the righteous person is more protected than the one knowledgeable in the judgment of the signs for at times the latter will be erroneous in judgments, as the scripture says “and maketh diviner s mad,” [from Isaiah 44:25: That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish]so happy is the one whose heart is whole with God. ~ Abraham Ibn Ezra


The Book of Nativities  And Revolutions, by Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra
Edited from Hebrew Manuscripts, Translated and Annotated By Meira B. Epstein
Edited with Additional Annotations
From the Latin Translation
By Robert Hand

One thought on “Abraham Ibn Ezr…

  1. I just finished my 2nd book on medieval astrology, the special techniques and so on. It was a huge work which took me years, because I changed many times my own views. The final review showed a book with much more spirituality and divine trust. Just now, I came to my e-mails and read your quote. It made me almost cry. It was a lovely idea to bring it to public!



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