“But faith working through love” (Paul, Gal 5:6)

What is faith?

Heb 11:1 (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Delineating native’s religion is a tricky thing in this age when so many belief systems are mixed in a so called “new age” bag. The old “western” distinction of the monotheism in three broader categories: Christianity, Islam and Judaism is not the only choice which the  ‘westerner’ has today. Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i faith (and etc.), are also very spread in our western modern culture. The “secret societies” are not so secret as they where in the old days, and a Theosophy, and Hermetic book from some brotherhood, you can buy in every serious esoteric bookstore.
We live in a time where everything becomes public, through the power of the media (TV, Internet and etc.), and hence people’s curiosity has more tools for acquiring their desires for knowing or experiencing what is present in this or that “knowledge-store”. The need to experience something new and exotic was transferred into the need to experience new religion. People are prone to enter some other religion because it looks very new and promising, not filtered through the faults of the history of the old ones already known with its good and bad aspects marked throughout its history.

Faith and Religion are often used as synonyms, especially they were used as such in the old times. Today you can find people who say that they do have ‘faith’ in God and that they are “religious”, but they do not go to the public ceremonies nor do the protocols established by their particular religious organization. They much less know about the doctrines which that religion holds.

In the medieval ages science and religion were almost synonyms too. But today we can see clash of the titans between Science and Religion.

Astrologers took the 9th house to represent the religion of the native, the God as the highest authority. In Hellenistic times kings were also placed in the 9th, as they were often worshiped as gods and people built temples and statues in their name. The Arabian astrologers, as monotheistic as they were, placed the King to the 10th and leaved the 9th as the only authority above which there is no other, and the King next to the God (10th) as someone to whom God gave the power to rule over the people.

 “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.

Jesus answered to Pontius Pilate on his question Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?”

9th was more of a house of the organized monotheistic ‘established’ religion while the 3rd was regarded more as ‘pagan’ in the Medieval Arabic Era.

So delineating native’s religion must starts with all these things having in mind, if we want to be successful in it in these modern times of a “secular religions”.
Bonatti would probably delineate the most of the new age secularists as “haters of religion”, while in the same time they call themselves “spiritual” and even more “religious”.

Pars Fidei/Part of Faith (Pars Religionis)
Asc + Mercury – Moon (R)

The third part of the ninth house is called the part of religion or
pars  religionis.  It is taken by day from the Moon to Mercury and by
night in the opposite direction and is projected from the ascendant.
And if this part and its lord fall in the ascendant or with the lord of
the ascendant or with the Almutem over it, the native will be religious; also if the significators of the part or the lord of the ascendant aspect the
part. If, however, the part is impeded, none of the aforesaid occur, but
rather the contrary. (Bonatti – On the Arabic Parts, Ch 12, On the Parts of 9th house, Zoller trans.)

Why is this part ‘built’ from Mercury and Moon?
Well, Mercury is natural significator for Faith. They are both used for calculating native’s soul or quality of mind, Moon representing the irrational side of the nature, while Mercury the rational, calculating side.
The old astrologers probably thought that Faith requires both these faculties because from one side you are supposed to “believe” in something, and from the other side you are supposed to follow “the word” rationally and to “choose” rationally to devote yourself to God.

The Nativity

From the philosophical rambling we are now forced to move to business.
The nativity whose chart I want to delineate is the Italian canonized priest John Bosco (or Saint John Bosco).

You can find his chart here:

And because English is my second language, and I’m already making too much effort to push the right letter keys on my PC keyboard, please be good enough and read the introduction of his life there (on astro databank) or on Wikipedia 🙂
I will copy a little bit of it here:

From an early age he was drawn to work among boys and young men, hearing the voice of the Master urging him on to this work. Ordained a priest on 6/05/1841 he settled in a suburb of Turin, Italy and soon had hundreds of youths attending his chapel and evening classes. He opened a boarding-school for apprentices and established workshops to teach tailoring, shoe-making and other trades to adapt the young men for the first industrial revolution in Italy.

Known for his missionary work, he led expeditions to Asia, Africa and Latin America. While he was in Brazil, he predicted the exact place for the future capital.

So, we can see here a man who devote his life to God and to service of God inside of an organized monotheistic religion (Catholic Christian in this case).

Delineating the Chart

So what do we have here?
We see that the ruler of 1st – Saturn, is in 2nd in its own Chariot (I use Antiochus’ word for a planet in its own sign, exaltation or term) making exact opposition to the Pars Fidei.
This is immediately alarming. I’m always looking at the charts, even post-factum, as I’m looking a chart of a person I don’t know who he or she is, as I know nothing about them (at least I try).
Noticing also that Saturn rules 9th by exaltation, and that there are both benefics, one of them also ruling the 9th division, but in the 10th sign of the praxis, having testimony from Saturn from the second by trigon relationship, is aiding more and more to our probable prognostication that this man has something to do with the religions and this is related to his ‘praxis’, or what he does for a living.

We go further. I would not ignore the twelfth parts of Jupiter and Venus falling on the ascendant right from the 9th, and Mercury conjuncting the Pars Fidei, ruling the 9th sign, with twelfth part falling in the 9th division upon Jupiter and Venus.
I use twelfth parts as a strawberry on the cake, I do not rush immediately to delineate them in the first place. But they add to the whole picture very well.

Pars Fidei as we said, is with its ruler (the Sun) in Leo, Mercury applying toward the part.
Sun is in the term of Mercury and Mercury in Leo’s sign.
Sun is the first triplicity ruler of itself and Jupiter the second, Saturn the third.
All three triplicity rulers, alongside the term ruler are having to do with the Religion and Faith in this nativity.

The relationship between the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the Lot or with the Lot itself is important.
It means that there is a connection between the native’s esse (being) and what the Lot signifies.
In this case the aspect is opposition, but I would regard it more as a testimony of an existing relationship, both, Lord of the Ascendant and of the Lot being in their own chariots and in their own sect.

Venus is ruler of the IC, in 9th division in her own chariot, shows that the beneficence from the religion and faith (9th) will be left over after his death (being canonized as a Saint and his name scribed in the saints ‘festival’ calendar of the Catholic Church). IC shows circumstances after the native’s death.
Having benefic ruler, and also elevated with the other benefic, in its own chariot, speaks about the benefits which he brings to his grave (IC).

Part of Spirit is in 24 Leo with the ruler Sun applying toward it.
We can see that his actions are related to the Faith, by being co-present with the Pars Fidei.
Being with the Sun it shows that this nativity was fated to shine spreading the good news throughout the people. Sun often brings things to the public, as Jesus said:

“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. (Luke 8:16)

This nativity was light indeed.

Abu Ali Al-Khayyat says about the benefics in 9th:

Jupiter: joy and fortune on long journeys, good faith, true dreams, and their interpretation”
Venus: pleasure and fortune with respect to foreign journeys, religion, fear of God, true dreams, and their interpretation”.
(Abu Ali: On the Judgments of Nativities, p.323, Dykes trans.)


Having benefics in 9th is great. Shows that you have faith in God and this often brings moral and ethical person with good will spread toward other people. We saw that this nativity was destined to become great through religion and his pious life.
Having malefics in 9th or ruling the 9th often brings hater of the organized religions, or some sort of atheist, secularist or even scientist. I have often seen Mars in 9th in many martial artists, who also has spiritual orientation, but it is not in an organized religious manner.


Guido Bonatti – On Arabic Parts, translated by Robert Zoller (New Library Limited, 2000)
Abu Ali Al-Khayyat – On The Judghment of Nativities, Persian Nativities I, translated by Benjamin N. Dykes PhD (The Cazimi Press 2009)

The quote from the Bible of the conversation between Jesus and Pilat, and the 9-10th house relationship is inspired by the writings of Steven Birchfield on Angelicus Merlin yahoo group.

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