I was amused by the lots from my first days entering into traditional astrology. I think they show many subtle things in the chart, and without them the analysis of the chart would lack great deal of considerable knowledge.
If I allow myself to object to Morin – author for whom I have great affinity – I would object him for not using the lots.
His great insights would have been even greater if he didn’t throw them as “non existed”, and non fit-able for his natural philosophy and approach to astrology.

I will give a delineation of a chart using two lots: the lot of mother and of father.


In the chart above we can see the lot of father and of mother are both in Taurus in 11th place (look as Whole Signs).
Ruler Venus do not regard the place, neither the exalted lord – Moon. But the two malefics regard the lots through opposition. This shows hard life for the native’s parents.

This is enough to say to the client or the person to whom you delineate the chart to gain some respectability.
“Your parents had or have a hard life?!”
It sounds naive but people can acknowledge such an answer which astrology and astrologer can give.

Further on, we can see that Venus also rules the 4th and Moon – the ruler of the nativity, is IN the 4th.
We can see that a connection between the native and the parents exist.
We can see that the Moon applies toward Venus and Venus gives reception to the Moon:
“Native is favored by his parents, especially the father”.

These hints are enough to have in mind when a client comes for consultation.
You can expose them in a sort of questions:
“Are you close with your parents?” or “I can see that you are very close to your parents, especially the father”.

This often gives “yes, yes” delights from the clients, and their respectability toward Astrology grows.

But why “especially the father”? Well, medieval astrologers looked at the 4th as representative of “especially” the father. They often looked at 10th for the mother. I’m aware of the fact that many astrologers today are criticizing this approach as a medieval misreading of Ptolemy, but I’m not sure that it is only a misreading thing or maybe they saw some logic in it also.

However, if we use the Father Almuten which Schoener gives in his “On the Judgment of nativities”, we can see that Venus is Almuten of Father, so she will say some things related to the father in the nativity.
I would not say that Venus is significator of the Father, but that would “say some things about the father”.
I’m somehow reluctant to use feminine planet to represent a male person in the chart. But we can use it as a “planet speaking something about that person”.

As a significator of the father I would use the Sun, being in 7th is showing business partnership of the native with his father. The Sun is almuten of the 10th and is also speaking of the father helping the native in his career path. But also shows some disintegration and uncertainty because the Sun is in detriment.
Sun is more attacked then Venus (natural significator for the Mother) in the chart (square from Mars) and therefore the father had much difficult and turbulent life then the mother.

As we can see, delineation started with the lots and didn’t stopped there. I think that the symbolism in the chart is more broader then using just one signification for one matter.We can often see how the old masters delineate something in this sort: “The native had “such and such thing in life” because the significator of “the thing” was in… AND BECAUSE the lot was in such and such relationship with.. AND BECAUSE the malefics or benefics regarded the place of (the thing related to the topic)”. So, all the factors related to the topic, in my opinion, should be examined; in order to give thorough delineation of the native’s life as pictured in his natal chart.

4 thoughts on “Delineation through the Lots

    1. For the Father, you take the distance from Sun to Saturn and project that amount from the Ascendant. Or the formula would be: Asc + Saturn – Sun (Reversed for night births).
      For the Mother, you take the distance from Venus to Moon (Asc + Moon – Venus), and reversed for night births.

  1. From curiosity, while experimenting with Valens techniques elsewhere on your blog, I also calculated LoF and noted transiting Saturn OPPOSED EXACTLY the Lot of the Father at the time the father died naturally of old age. In my opinion the LoF being opposed by transiting Saturn at that time clearly supports other testimonies, so is very interesting and thank you for this information that your blog offers!

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