I want to add a few words before I begin with the working examples.
In the working examples I evaluate practically the method Valens exposes in his book on people who already have or had known disease. You will see that sometime I search for the indications of the disease in the Lot of Fortune, sometimes in the ruler or in the Spirit and its ruler (all the probable indicators which Valens use).
I’m aware that this is post factum analysis and that I look for clues for my pre-concepted expectations to find them in any way.
But this is how one learn, this is how one practice the astrological techniques and this is my goal with these posts. Also, my goal is to motivate you to learn and be fascinate as I am of the techniques of the old masters.
I want through practice, to see in which occasions the disease is indicated by the Lot of Fortune and in which through its ruler.

Michel Petrucciani and Glass Bone Disease

Michel Petrucciani was a French pianist and composer who died young (36) from a rare inherited (bone) disease called Glass Bones Disease.
More on his nativity here:

The disease is inherited and the symptoms are that the native has very fragile bones. Latin name for this disease is Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 

A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia about the disease:

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a congenital disease, meaning it is present at birth. It is frequently caused by defect in the gene that produces type 1 collagen, an important building block of bone. There are many different defects that can affect this gene. The severity of OI depends on the specific gene defect.

OI is an autsomal dominant disease. That means if you have one copy of the gene, you will have the disease. Most cases of OI are inherited from a parent, although some cases are the result of new genetic mutations.

A person with OI has a 50% chance of passing on the gene and the disease to their children.

More on the disease:

Here’s the chart (I will accentuate one more time that even though it is most likely that Valens used Whole Sign House system, I post most of the charts in Alcabitius divisions, from where we can easily use WS system, by just ignoring the divisions).


Gemini is indicative of shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, joints, sinews, strength, courage, change, the birth of women, speech, mouth, blood vessels, the voice.
(Vettius Valens – Anthologies, Book II, Riley trans., p.48)

Lot of Fortune is in Gemini, but we can’t see anything related to the bones here.
So, as a post factum analysis we search for the ruler of the Fortune.
Ruler is Mercury in Capricorn in 8th whole sign house (notice how all of the 3 examples I’ve posted have ruler of the Fortune in the 8th from the Fortune).

“The ruler of the Lot of Fortune will be particularly indicative, along with the sign in which it is located”

Capricorn according to Valens rules the knees, the sinews, the internal and external sprains and strains “because its mysterious character” says Valens. Also causes weak vision because of the spiny vertebrae.

We know that Saturn in general rules the Bones, so having in mind that the ruler of the Lot of Fortune in Saturnine sign will have something to do with the bones in general.

It is interesting that Mercury also rules the 4th whole sign (disease inherited from the predecessors). But also Sun – the ruler of IC is in 8th whole sign and division (death related to the family or ancestry).
Moon separates from that Mercury in 8th and is void of course making no application till the end of the sign.

We can go on in further details examining Mars in 4th ruler of 6th (diseases) and some other factors.
But the fact is that Astrology can give only hints (at least I as an astrologer, I’m sure Astrology itself is capable of more): bone related diseases/ inherited diseases.
Sometimes these hints are enough for the client or the one who asks to generate an intention for further medical tests. Read the story of the famous astrologer Diana Rosenberg and how she entered into the world of Astrology, by astrologer saving her son’s life, diagnosing a disease.

Why in this case ruler and its sign was indicative of the disease and not the Lot of Fortune and its sign as in the previous examples?
I still don’t have the answer. Maybe he had smaller diseases related to the Gemini indicators too, of which we are not aware at the moment. But Mercury being in the 8th from Fortune, and in 8th from Ascendant, alongside Moon – the natural ruler of the body and of the Fortune, separating from Mercury and applying to no planet, is telling the story that the disease which will kill him (8th) is indicated by the Mercury’s sign.
I wouldn’t ignore Mars in 4th ruler of 6th (strongly advancing toward the IC) either. Venus applying in square relationship to Mars. Venus is in 6th and rules (alongside Mars) 6th and 12th (chronic diseases).

I hope this is enough to provoke the astrology enthusiasts to investigate medical astrology as was given in Valens’s book. And lets not forget that Astrology can give only a hints, it is not its goal to replace the medicine.

Enjoy the music of this wonderful musician:

Vettius Valens – Anthologies, Book II, Riley trans.

Websites used:


The chart is calculated in the freeware Morinus:

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