This is the first of the series I want to make on charts given by astro databank with AA rating on the subject of Criminal Perpetrators.

The nativity of Giovanni Brusca, the famous Italian mafia boss is well known in balkan countries, though I’m not sure if his name was popularized in western countries.

He killed Judge Falcone who was well known for fighting against the Mafia in Italy.
More on his nativity,_Giovanni

On Astro databank we can read this description on him:

“Audacious and bold, he founded his career on his cool ability to take care of homicides.”

This is an awful description of how far his brutality get:

“In the gang competition to take over the position of Mafia chief Toto Riina, as a final act of raw brutality, he killed the infant child of a gang member who had committed betrayal, by strangling the child and throwing him into an acid pit.”

Star Parans

If we examine the Stars of his Prime we can see that the star Zuben Elgenubi is Culminating while Mars was on IC. This is a star of the nature of Saturn and Mars. A malefic star which according to Robson gives:

With Mars: Bitter quarrels, entailing bloodshed or death. [Robson*, p.205.]

It causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison. [Robson*, p.205.]

This star was symbolically called Insufficient Price. Is it not fitting well with the character and life of this mafia boss?

Dr. Eric Morse says that this star gives “psychopathic killings”:

“ If harshly aspected, especially to Mars, Saturn or the Moon, justice may well take a back seat to vengeance.”
(The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.76-77)

Ebertin says for Zuben Elgenubi:

“The unhelpful influence of this star is said to be noticeable especially in natives who were born during the night.”
(Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.65.)

His Nativity

Mars is a loud planet in his chart. It is a planet which is advancing toward the descending angle.
More on advancing and retreating of planets you can read here:

Abu Ali wouldn’t like to see Mars on IC. In his Judgments of Nativities for Mars in 4th he says:

“Outpouring of blood, homicide, a sad end”.
(Abu’ Ali, The Judgments of Nativities, Ch. 47, Holden trans., 1998, p.71)

Well, Mars in his nativitiy is not on IC, but in Paran analysis we saw that Mars was on IC, while the malefic star Zuben Elgenubi was culminating.
Culminating stars are stars which according to the Star Parans doctrine are activated in the men’s prime. Events of arrest and murder in Brusca’s life where happening in his middle 30’s which are for sure his ‘prime years’.

When planet is advancing in someone’s nativity, this planet is quantitatively more strong, or to say, Loud to express its quality with more intensity. In other words, the effects of this planet will not be on the background.

In chapter 34, p.57 Abu Ali says:

“But there will be great audacity when Mars is in any one of the angles.”

Mars is not on a stake, but it is angular by divisions and is advancing toward the descendant.

The strength of Mars is further more intensified with the thing that he is in 10th sign from Fortune.

Mars also ruler the Lot of Boldness in 12 Scorpio and aspects the Lot with very tide orbs from opposition. His zodiacal state is poor, in his detriment. This is not that the planet is quantitatively weak, but qualitatively! This planet is more nasty, more malefic if you like.

Morin says:

“A malefic in adverse celestial state in an unfortunate house, whose evil it strongly promotes, brings the worse possible circumstances and even infamy, disgrace or violence.”
(Astrologiae Gallicae, book 21, Baldwin trans., Ch II)

Morin regarded 7th house as “bad”, because it is a house of the open enemies, litigations, quarrels and etc. But also, this Mars is in 8th sign which pertains to death, fear, darkness and etc.

So, we can see this Mars in poor zodiacal state, in “bad” house, but Loud in the nativity is the cause of problems.

What I have found in charts of many people who have problems with other people in general, and who are problematic for the society, is that they have afflicted 7th house, 7th house ruler/s or planet/s in 7th house.

We can see in Brusca’s nativity, that almost all planets which rules the 7th do not regard the 7th Sign by Sign.

Mars (sign and term ruler) is in aversion, Sun (co-almuten) is in aversion, Jupiter (triplicity ruler) is in aversion. Only Saturn as participating triplicity ruler is regarding the 7th sign.  Venus as decan ruler is too weak to count it as a “ruler” with only 1 point in the descendant’s cusp.

Time Activations

The murder of judge Falcone happened on  5/23/1992.
Brusca is then 35 years old.
Watch out the Mercury – Mars applicative square (Figural Conjunction, inside 3 degrees – very strong!). Mercury rules 12th and is in 4th. Mars rules the Lot of Boldness and is in 7th/8th rules 7th and pertains something for the native’s actions co-ruling the 1st (through the virtue of Scorpio having part of the 1st house division). This configuration is activated in his 35th year through the minor years of these two planets: Mars (15) and Mercury (20) = 35!
Mars – Mercury are also Firdaria rulers for the period!
Annual profections in his 35th year came in 12th sign Virgo and 9 degrees Taurus was rising in the Revolution putting the nasty natal Mars in revolutions Asc, 8th natal sign. Mars ingresses Aquarius making superior square to the natal Mars, transiting natal Fortune on IC.
Bloodshed was highly activated.

The distribution of the Ascendant was in 21 Scorpio at the time, and natal Lot of Boldness and Distribution falls in 7th sign and 7th division in the Revolution of the year. The theme of “Other people, litigations” (7th) and Mars on IC (bloodshed) is activated.

There is more to say of this nativity and time lord activation, and I would probably add 2nd part of this article as a continuation but for now let this be enough to see how traditional astrology techniques can be very accurate and describable of people’s lives and actions.


(Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923)

(The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988)

(Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928)

(Abu’ Ali, The Judgments of Nativities, Holden trans., 1998)

(The Morinus System of Horoscope Interpretation, Baldwin trans., 2003)


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