A friend of mine recently draw my attention into some psychology forums where people with different “disorders” (borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and etc.) started a discussion on which Sun Sign they have, and would they find which Sun Sign lean towards certain “disorder”.

Firstly, I don’t like the term “disorder”. It depicts in itself that something is wrong with the person who has certain character traits, even though when you speak with those persons or you see their mental processes in the discussion there you will see a person who is with every day common sense, they are not mad or mentally ill as the word “disorder” describes in itself.

What I’ve learn in reading their posts is that their life granted them with certain Accidents, and People in their life on which they Reacted in certain way. And the sad thing is that almost all out there think that it was their Fault! They think that because they have certain character traits, they attract certain accidents and people in their life, these character traits are causing certain behavior from other people and they react on that the way they react with certain BPD or HPD reaction triggers.

If you make a test for BPD or HPD or DPD and etc., you will find that you MUST have some of these ‘disorders’. This is one of the things why I don’t like Psychology, because it makes us All mentally Ill and Unstable.
In private conversation with some of the people there I throw out my traditional astrology view that big part of our life can be seen as accidents which happens to us not because we did something (cause-effect), but as accidents which are God-Given, Fate-Given, or if you like Randomly Chaotically-Given to us. They were surprised by this and started to look their lives from this perspective.
They said that it makes sense, because if someone or something out there didn’t happen to them, their character trait would have been unmanifested; or to say it better, they would have been manifested, but they would not have been perceived as “problematic”.

For example, people with Attachment Disorder. We have two persons with Attachment disorder and they both have 2 different kinds of accidents. The first person is attached to her boyfriend but her boyfriend likes this, and it seems out that he too has attachment to her (they are both “mentally ill”). This person also has attachment to her father and father loves her, they are both very close.
So, this person has no accidents in her life which caused her to feel that “something is wrong with her”.
Person number 2 is attached to her boyfriend but he doesn’t like her like this. For him this is dangerous for his love of freedom, so he stays detached. This person number 2 is now trying to reach him more and more and he more and more stays detached, calls her “mentally unstable” and etc.
In the end he leaves her, she falls into tears and start to ask her self if something is wrong with her.
Notice how the first person had the same attachment trait but she didn’t ask if something is wrong with her because she didn’t had the similar accidents.

Of course, there are boundaries and people need to make balance in their lives and behaviors but my point here is that even though we may change the character traits, this doesn’t mean that the accidents in life would change according to that. The person number 2 may still find a guy like the first one even though she is now more mentally stable and balanced.

What I’ve found in some charts of these people is that they have afflicted 7th house or afflicted ruler/s of 7th (and especially if the Lord of 1st and 7th are in some nasty relationship or no relationship at all). 7th house is the house of Other People generally, so having it afflicted shows that you have problems getting well not also in love relationships, but in relationships in general. And this is not because of your Approach toward relationships only, but because the relationships and people as accidents in your life are as they are. This second notion is what many people today is missing in examining their lives and “mental disorders”.

One thought on “Astrology of Psychology

  1. This post gets me thinking about my own philosophy of life…:D

    In my world (i.e. philosophy), there is the internal world, and there is the external world (similar to dualism). The internal world you can affect quite greatly through your own will, but there are still going to be certain things that cannot be changed. For example, a person may worry a lot throughout his life, and this tendency may stay with him forever (maybe due to a debilitated Moon?)

    In the external world, we initially have very little control over it, and it is in this world that fate mainly operates. As we grow and try things out we may gain more control over this world, but even that is limited. To illustrate this, think about political leaders, presidents maybe. Even if they are at the top of the human chain, they are not invulnerable to scandals, criticisms and natural disasters.

    So really, both fate and free will exist, but both of them have their conditions for being activated, and take precedence in different areas of our life. I do think that fate is stronger though.

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